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Civ2 Air-Mech, from my own "personal" version of Civ2
This is all about Civilization 2! Background info for the uninitiated, My favorite ModPacks, Sound bites, a few pictures, and Links.

Some Sound Bytes for your Pleasure
Is it Rambo, or is it Memorex?
Rainbow Warrior

Civ2 Mod Files

Here is a collection of my favorite Mod Files. (f you don't know yet, Microprose made Civ2 infinitely modifiable, by allowing players to make changes to the game. These changes are known as "Mods", and are usually bundles in "Packs", covering (sometimes) extensive changes to the game. To easily and safely change Civ2, just use the "Civ 2 Mod Manager". It inludes simple instructions, and will require an "unzip" utility, like PKUNZIP or WINZIP.

And now, the Mod Packs!

USS Ramage Mod = A version that I made while deployed to the USS Ramage (an Aegis missile Destroyer). It represents a sailor's view of Civilization, with the monetary unit (gold) replaced by Corned Beef Hash. This version doesn't make too many changes in the basic look of the game, but is very funny! It can be a bit irreverent (we are sailors, after all), and watch out for that Hash Monster!!

Star Trek Mod = My vote for best Mod ever! This mod really creates a whole new game, based on the entire Star Trek universe. Paul Heron (the author) has several other Mods out there, and they're all excellent.
And here is "Star Trek Part Two". Get both for the full effect.

Star Wars Mod = A really cool Mod that gives you great Star Wars units, but leaves the rest of the game pretty much alone. Really cool stuff!

I have many more mods, some personally modified, most downloaded from the excellent Rocky Mountain Civ2 Site. Please check them out!

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